(Image Description: A purple paper origami person with a green tie and a mechanical leg representing a person with (dis)abilities (or other abilities).

Lu Hanna Artist Statement

My work has been informed in the past by mechanically designed machines and that relationship to the body (or cyborg, if you will). But after spending most of the pandemic in the lush, green forests of the Pacific Northwest, listening to the birds sing, while hunting moss, lichen, & mycelium, I truly believe that the answer we're looking for lies beneath the soil under our feet in the complex system of the natural world. This regenerative spirit inspires my work & convinces me that this is our hope for the future. As my work evolves to include the body's relationship with the natural world, my Polyphonic Art assemblages continue to keep me busy building on that solid utilitarian nature, I continue to look to the natural world to inspire beauty in my art.

Lu Hanna is a queer, transmedia artist with other/different abilities whose work is process-based in myriad of mediums driven by concept. This method is based in prior learning skills while allowing the education to continue. Just as in the natural world, adaptation is paramount to survival. However, the way in which we choose to adapt is as unique as each one of us.